Online Marketing Solutions

IT Solutions to Improve Marketing

Software Associates is an IT partner to some of the major digital marketing companies who do ethical marketing today. We take care of their technology-related concerns and offer anything from a newsletter to scheduling email campaigns that work on all email clients; to the development of their websites in order to market their products and solutions. Developing micro-sites is also done here.

Collecting substantial assets to market your product, maintaining those assets using unbreakable security and distributing read, write and execute access among the workgroup are also some of the challenges; online marketers face today.

Our solutions also include web-based asset management solutions as per your business needs. We develop many such applications here, based on your specifications and business needs. Special security algorithms ensure protection to your system. The solutions offer access privileges, configurable by the admin, thus ensuring granting rights to the authorized personnel, to the right asset. E-commerce websites to help market your products is also something we do here.

Process driven development and testing ensure the quality of our products. Problems of translation of business requirement to technical solutions are tackled by our business consultant who ensures that we deliver; what you specify. The solutions that we develop works on all devices irrespective of the form factor, email client or browser.


Audience Direct

You can connect with your valuable customers through mediums.

Media Grant

The central repository would consist of your purchased assets, based on your brands .

Web Development

We even develop web apps and websites that could help market your product easily with the personal touch you would want to give to your solution .

Content Writing

At Software Associates, we give you access to our creative authors team