Below are a few projects completed by our team to our clients’ satisfaction

Requirement :

Based in Singapore, Asia-Pacific Breweries who controls 45 breweries were facing challenges in:
  • Implementing Brand Standards across different markets, ensuring consistency.
  • Automating and streamlining coordination between design agencies and APB’s operating companies worldwide.
  • Implementing Brand St Managing the maintenance and distribution of its marketing collaterals, for each of its brands.
Built a dynamic, brand specific, and intuitive user interface which enabled users to use the system with ease
  • A Cloud based tool to access artworks and request for changes
  • A Desktop Application to be used in the marketing office to automate the approval cycle.

Mastercard e-marketing

Requirement :

Mastercard needed a new, easy to use platform to share 1,000’s of exclusive offers with their partner banks across APAC. They also wanted to support banks in creating their own digital marketing campaigns, including the creation of pre-approved email campaigns directly within the platform.

  • A platform that reveals the offers available including fast offer asset download, campaign creation and Mastercard approval
  • Ability to quickly create and send joint branded, Mastercard pre-approved email campaigns
  • A widget that easily allowed issuing banks to promote MasterCard offers on their own websites
  • Created a dashboard on Google Analytics using Google Data Studio for visualisation of viewer statistics
  • Programmed an API to automatically transfer the offers to our application and generate a detailed report about the offers.

Cloud Based Device Management Platform

Requirement :

Requirement was to develop a web based platform for user management, device management, data visualization and ecommerce integration.


The cloud based web solution (B2C) that our team delivered enables our client to provide a device management platform to the end users. The end customers can register their device on the web platform and make use of multiple features like User Management, Device Management, Device dashboard for visualization, Alerting and Notifications during anomalies. The accumulated data can also be used for advanced analytics to improve the hardware efficiency and performance in future.

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