Enterprise Resource Planning

Automate and integrate your core business activities

Over the past 15 years, we have collaborated with clients in the UK and the US for automating their core business processes. Catering to small-medium sized businesses, we developed bespoke ERP solutions which help them streamline their business processes. Assured quality, timeliness, and punctuality are our strengths that clients value and speak of.

For development, we adopt the agile methodology and ensure early and clear visibility of your project’s progress. Our teams objectively analyze the basic problems that the software is expected to solve and come up with the technical specifications that our technical team can then build into the actual ERP solution.

The functional modules of the ERP provide include:
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Market​
  • Purchase
  • Inventory Control

The success of an ERP implementation depends on functionality as well as usability. The UI is engineered to provide seamless user experience for all users alike. We understand that the impact of an ERP implementation across a firm cannot be predicted to absolute correctness, a lot can go wrong as well as right from initiation to implementation and afterward.